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.co.zw Domain Prices

All costs are in Australian Dollars (AUD) Pound Sterling (GBP) Danish Krone (DKK) Euros (EUR) New Zealand Dollars (NZD) Swedish Krona (SEK) US Dollars (USD)

Be Aware: Some Registries classify certain domains as premium domain names in these cases costs can be higher than those initially stated.

The domain costs include registration, email / web forwarding and whois privacy where possible.

Period Registration Renewal
1 year$191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00 $191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00  
No restrictions on registering .co.zw domain names.
Domain Registration Renewal
zw Domain Name Registration .zw$191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00 $191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00
Currently not available.
ac.zw Domain Name Registration .ac.zw$191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00 $191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00
Restricted to valid local educational institutions.
edu.zw Domain Name Registration .edu.zwPrice on request Price on request
Restricted to valid local educational institutions.
gov.zw Domain Name Registration .gov.zwPrice on request Price on request
Restricted to valid local educational institutions.
org.zw Domain Name Registration .org.zw$191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00 $191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00
Registration of .ac.zw domain names is restricted to valid local non-profit making organisations.

.co.zw Domain Notes

Zimbabwian .co.zw registration include third party costs and maintenance & throughout the registration term. You may transfer your co.zw domain to another registrar without charge. No an administration fee will be due with Zimbabwian .co.zw domains or any other Zimbabwian domain.

.co.zw Domain Details

Registry: The registry is


Once your .co.zw domain is registered

Upon registration your .Zimbabwian .co.zw domain can be placed on our African servers, supply you with an under-construction page for as long as required. (This will enable a browser to readily locate your co.zw domain.

Also supplied with Zimbabwian is....

Free E-mail redirection.

Free Web redirection.

Premium .co.zw domains

1st Africa wishes to foster a honest and trustful relationship with our customers and in keeping with this wish to inform you about premium .co.zw domain names.

Ever since the ICANN launch of new Gtlds in 2014 more and more registries have chosen to created and operate premium domain names. Now registries see this method as making a little more money on the side.

What this means for you?

As such we can no longer guarantee to provide you the correct price when attempting to register a .co.zw domain name, the prices in our price list are the standard prices for non-premium .co.zw domains.

The price we quote for .co.zw will normally be correct 99% of the time, but sometimes if the registry deems the name to be premium we may not be able to until we have placed the order with the registry.

In most cases we will be able to inform you once you are ready to complete your purchase, but sometimes we will be able to inform you until you have completed your order request for a .co.zw domain.

This makes life very difficult for us and extremely frustrating for our customers.
Thank fully for the moment the number of .co.zw domains this effects is a small percentage.

As a rough rule of thumb.
If a .co.zw domain is a 1-3 letter domain it may attract a premium fee.

If a .co.zw domain is a generic word it may attract a premium fee.

In all cases we will advise you of any premium .co.zw charges before we take the funds.
If you need any more information on these please do let us know we will be happy to assist.

.co.zw Domain Registration

.co.zw domain registration

Prices from as little as: $191.90kr932€125.30£109.60$217.60kr1354$118.00R2205.00 for 1 year.

.co.zw Delegation Information

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) assign the Zimbabwian .co.zw domain.
IANA is a dept. of ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), this is a non-profit private American corp., this company manages root zone management within the Domain Name System (DNS).

.co.zw Domain Info

A domain name is the equivalent of a car number plate, Zimbabwian .co.zw domain will be required if you wish to operate a .co.zw website.
. co.zw is allocated to Zimbabwian

Renew your .co.zw Domains Today

You can renew your .co.zw website, (the .co.zw domain) without logging into your account. Just follow the link below.

.co.zw Domain Renewals

Transfer and Consoldiate your .co.zw Domains - Any type of domain supported

You can transfer your .co.zw domains, place them all into a single account and activate handy features such as "AutoRenew". Just follow the link below.

.co.zw Domain Transfers

Requirements and Rules .co.zw Domains

Domain Details

  • Trustees and .co.zw Domains.
    No trustee is required with .co.zw Domains, however a local representative must be capable of receiving legal documents in Zimbabwian. 1st Africa supplies this for you at no extra cost.
  • .co.zw Terms and Conditions.
    All .co.zw domain registrations are made suject to both our terms and the .co.zw registry terms and conditions. http://www.bb-online.co.uk/info.shtml
  • Who runs the .co.zw registry?
    The .co.zw registry is run by . Their URL is
  • Dispute Policy for .co.zw Domains.
    The dispute policy for .co.zw can be found at http://www.bb-online.co.uk/info.shtml
  • Is Privacy Protection available on .co.zw domains?Yes. but if requested by the registry or legal authority this will be removed. We do not charge for .co.zw privacy protection services.
  • Is any .co.zw name possible?
    No. .co.zw domains are restricted and or reserved if the domains are offensive, deemed illegal, infringe trademarks etc. The reasons are many and varied.
  • Who can register .co.zw domains ?
    .co.zw domains;

.co.zw FAQs

Frequently Asked questions about .co.zw domains.

  • Are .co.zw domains IDN Enabled?
    No .co.zw domains are not IDN capable as such only Ascii domains characters are allowed.
  • Is Back Ordering of .co.zw domains possible?
    Yes .co.zw domains can be backordered using our sister website domainrecover.
  • What is the Intended use .co.zw domains?
    .co.zw domains are intended for use by .
  • What is the Actual use .co.zw domains?
    .co.zw domains .
  • How long can an .co.zw domain be registered for? .co.zw domains can be registered for 1 years.
  • How long can an .co.zw domain be renewed for? .co.zw domains can be renewed for 1 years.
  • What is the minimum registration period for a .co.zw domain? 1 years.
  • What is the minimum length of a .co.zw domain? .co.zw domains must be 3 or more characters in length.
  • What is the maximum length of a .co.zw domain? .co.zw domains must be 62 characters or less.
  • Is SuperLock Available on .co.zw domain?
    Yes. If requested we can initiate SuperLock on a .co.zw domain. This is an extra level of security added to inter-registrar transfers; where telephone calls plus physical proof of identification will be required in order to verify the transfer.
  • Must .co.zw domains be Renewed Before Expiry ?
    Yes. If the .co.zw domain name goes past it's expiry date it may be impossible to recover.
  • Can Non-Residents register .co.zw domains?
    Yes. There are no restrictions on registering .co.zw as such anyone can register these.
  • What is a Redemption Fee ?
    When a .co.zw domain name goes past expiry the registry charges an additional fee to re-activate the domain.
  • How much is the Redemption Fee ?
    The redemption fees for .co.zw may vary but are listed on our pricelist. https://www.1st.africa/1stafrica-redemptionfees.shtml
  • How can I use my .co.zw domain once registered?
    Once registered your .co.zw domain will sit on our DNS servers, we will configure for your .co.zw domain a free undercontruction site and email forwarding. If you wish you may also purchase .co.zw webhosting from us, or use .co.zw web hosting elsewhere. We will configure you .co.zw domain so it works for you.
  • What characters are allowed in a .co.zw domain?
    .co.zw domains if they are not IDN enabled only the letters (a-z, A-Z) the numbers (0-9) and dashes (-): However the co.zw domain must not start or end with a dash, it also must not contain a space and the 3rd or forth character must not be a -.

co.zw Domain Delegation Details


IANA Whois Details

domain: ZW

.co.zw Registrant
Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ)
Block A, Emerald office Park
30 The Chase, Emerald Hill
P.O. Box MP 843, Mt Pleasant

.co.zw Administrative Contact
Manager Internet & Data Operations
TelOne Pvt Ltd
Cnr Sam Nujoma St. & Samorah Machel Ave
P.O.Box CY 792
Telephone: +263 4 791701
Facsimile: +263 4 708981
Email: dns-admin@telone.co.zw

.co.zw Technical Contact
Network Administrator
TelOne Pvt Ltd
Cnr Sam Nujoma St. & Samorah Machel Ave
P.O.Box CY 792
Telephone: +263 4 791701
Facsimile: +263 4 708981
Email: support@telone.co.zw

.co.zw Name Servers
NS1ZIM.TELONE.CO.ZW 2c0f:f758:0:a:0:0:0:81
NS2.LIQUIDTELECOM.NET 2c0f:fe40:0:0:5:11:11:10
NS2ZIM.TELONE.CO.ZW 2c0f:f758:0:a:0:0:0:82
ZW-NS.ANYCAST.PCH.NET 2001:500:14:6128:ad:0:0:1

status: ACTIVE

created: 1991-11-06
changed: 2021-03-11
source: IANA