Premium Domain Names

1st Africa wishes to foster a honest and trustful relationship with our customers and in keeping with this wish to inform you about premium domain names.

Ever since the ICANN launch of new Gtlds in 2014 more and more registries have chosen to created and operate premium domain names.

What this means for you?

We can no longer guarantee to provide you a fixed price for a domain name type from a price list.

The price we quote will normally be correct 98-99% of the time, but sometimes if the registry deems the name to be premium we may not be able to.

In most cases we will be able to inform you once you are ready to complete your purchase, but some of the registries do not inform us of the final price until we have placed the order.

This makes life very difficult for us and extremely frustrating for our customers.

Thank fully for the moment the number of domains this effects is a small percentage. 1-2%.

As a rough rule of thumb, please beaware that the following may attract a premium fee.

  • 1-3 letter domain names

  • New Gtlds which have short or genreric names

  • If you need any more information on these please do let us know we will be happy to assist.